About me

I’m a 4th generation resident of the Berowra electorate, with my family first settling here in the 1930s. I’ve lived here my entire life and even had the privilege to work in the electorate for most of that time to. I have worked in the Education and Childcare industry for over 17 years across several centres in the electorate. I enjoy helping and serving others. It is this aptitude I want to bring into politics as it should be. I can see no higher honour than to represent and serve your local community.

I’m also a keen bushwalker and will often be seen walking along the tracks in the bountiful parklands and National Parks that bound our electorate. This passion lead me to even do the 35km Bloody Long Walk last year to raise money for charity. You may even see me on occasion doing the early morning Park Run in Fagan Park at Galston. We are so blessed to have so many natural resources nearby and I will do my best to preserve this for future generations.

I am currently involved with several clubs in the electorate that sees me engage in volunteer work. This could be assisting to run local community events (such as the recent Fauna Fair and Brick Fair in Berowra) or helping raise funds for various worthy causes. I love the community we have and believe in giving back; that’s something I will take as a representative for you. Politics isn’t about how many pictures you can get of yourself but about doing the hard work in the background to make a difference! I’m running as this community deserves better representation and one that brings action to the many issues that have been left behind.


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