Campaign – Digital Privacy & Protection

One of the things I’m campaigning on is better privacy for your data. It seems like another day goes by without a major company being hacked and our data being compromised. Victor Dominello, the retiring Ryde MP, Minister for Digital has been promoting the past couple of weeks about the NSW Digital ID to be released last this year. This would include facial recognition to access certain services which have to contain your biometric data. What a hackers dream to have access to that to! As we saw with the last couple of years, the NSW Service App had many issues with QR Code scanning and the system failing several times. The clincher with this new ID is that, sure it could store your driver’s license but won’t be able to be used anywhere else in Australia. I am strongly opposed to this digital program as it lacks safe guards and we need to put in place proper legislation and penalities to safeguard against the current data breaches occurring in the hacks today, not tomorrow!

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