Campaign – Health & Stopping Privitisation

One ethos I have and that is to stop privatising essential Government services. Just look at the Northern Beaches Hospital in this recent Michael West article, it truly is damning of the current Coalition Government. I think the key line from the article is this, “It seems that after the COVID pandemic, monthly payments to the NBH rose from around $22 million to $52 million per month. If this is correct, this would mean that NSW taxpayers are now paying a Cayman Island related entity around half a billion dollars a year to operate our ‘local’ public hospital.”

How is it that our local member, and current treasurer, can allow such a waste of money to occur? Your taxpayer money! I will fight to keep Hornsby Hospital in public hands and for the Northern Beaches Hospital to be brought back into public hands! Only an independent member can truly stand up for the community and vote for you!

Read the Article and tell me what you think.

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