Campaign – Infrastructure (Community Battery), PSA – Hazards Near Me App

After the crazy weather we had yesterday (especially for myself driving through Galston Gorge) I decided to move my planned post about the Hazards Near Me App to today. The new ‘Hazards Near Me App’ has replaced the ‘Fires Near Me App.’ I recommend those in our electorate get this app as it provides information on Bush Fires, Floods and general advice on what to do to stay safe. I know a few people who lost power across the electorate and hope you’re all safe! The app can be found at

-Infrastructure (Community Battery) One issue that was raised when I was running during the Federal Election was the idea of a community battery in the electorate to allow for a short-term power solution in the case of widespread or localised blackouts. The proposal had a site at either Cherrybrook or Berowra but this ultimately didn’t go ahead in favour of other areas. I do believe in still pursuing this as part of a bigger picture to secure local uninterrupted energy supply. This would also link into the idea of a community Virtual Power Plant of sharing power locally too, being raised by residents of Cowan. I’d commit to seeing a study done into the feasibility of options available for this and if there can be a model for the NSW Government can use to support local communities pursuing this.

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