Campaign – Meet & Greet 27th Feb (HORNSBY)

Meet & Greet 27th February – Brewhaha (Hornsby)

Thanks to all for the lovely conversations today. And even to the gentleman on his way to the gym for a quick chat. I think what made today was the guy tooting and waving in support, thanks!

Key topics discussed today were Education, Energy, Health and Housing.

EDUCATION – Financial Literacy is extremely important in empowering our children to set them up for success when leaving school. I propose a complete subject/unit in Year 10 that extends on this and is linked to either the Certificate I Basic Financial Literacy or II in Financial Services. I believe in giving the youth as much chance to get a qualification under their belt while at school and linking them helps begin that pathway to a career in that field if they want to.

HOUSING – There are estimated to be a million dwellings currently empty in Australia! And I’ve been told by a source that some of the local units around Hornsby have whole floors vacant!! We have a housing crisis that can be solved upon many fronts. One solution is opening up these vacant dwellings to those seeking a place. I propose that a if a foreign owned dwelling is vacant for more than a year, this will then be put for sale or revert to public ownership to be used as part of the affordable or crisis housing accommodation.

Let me know your thoughts on these topics.

Thanks to the team at Brewhaha for allowing me to host a Meet & Greet here and I’ll be back here on Tuesday 14th March at 10am.

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