Campaign – Meet & Greet 28th Feb (BEROWRA HEIGHTS)

Meet & Greet 28th February – CoHo (Berowra Heights)

Another day, another enjoyable Meet & Greet session! I was, however, saddened to see a gentleman lying opposite me with his possessions. While I have seen on occasion in Hornsby CBD those who are homeless, seeing it also in Berowra Heights hit me hard. I did check on the gentleman and offer to get him something to eat, but mentioned he fine and was just having a sleep. Thanks to those generous people who donated their spare change to this person as they walked by. More and more people have been affected hard by the last couple of years which leads me to…

HOUSING – While there is a Women’s Shelter in the electorate, it can only house a few women at a time and with women over 50 years of age the most at risk group of homelessness, it’s time to invest in more crisis accommodation. I will also push for a Men’s Shelter too as this was recently brought up to me that there was nothing in the electorate (and had someone close to them affected). Billions of dollars can be spend on new stadiums and yet, we can’t even look after those most vulnerable in our society. It’s time our politicians start acting and caring for those most in need!

Thanks to the team at CoHo for allowing me to host a Meet & Greet here. Tomorrow I’ll be at Jim & Harry’s (Mt Colah) at 9:30am.

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