Campaign – Meet & Greet 9th March (BEROWRA HEIGHTS & COWAN)

Meet & Greet 9th March – Cafe Laurella (Berowra Heights) & The Shoppe (Cowan)

Double whammy of Meet and Greet’s today! I was recently interviewed on Triple H and was asked how I would keep in touch with the community when elected. That answer was simple, I’d keep doing the Meet & Greet’s in the community as well as attending local community meetings and hosting online sessions to ensure every resident had access to raise issues with me. And yes, that includes even if it goes over time, with my Cowan Meet

& Greet today last 1.5 hours! A good grilling over Education, Health, Transparency and Energy.

The key take aways from today:

-Ensuring that there is a focus back on the basics of Literacy and Numeracy at Primary School. After talking to a lady today who shared that in her time serving in universities, she’s seen make up classes being offered because those coming from high school don’t have the basic skills to be able to complete university successfully! This included a story about a student asking them to tell the time as they couldn’t read the clock! It’s time we seriously look at our Education System with NSW falling far behind.

-I’m not going anywhere and plan to be around locally. I love this area and will continue to serve and raise issues after the election in whatever capacity that is in. (This was in response to a question by a gentleman on my plans if I got elected and if I didn’t get elected.)

I would like to thank the management at both venue’s for allowing me to do my Meet & Greet’s at their venues. I look forward to meeting you at my next Meet & Greet’s with Mt Colah tomorrow and Galston on Saturday. Come and say G’day!

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