Education: Co-ed Asquith High School

There was a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the effect of single-sex public schools that had me asking what the view of the electorate was? Today was quite an eye opener speaking to current parents of Asquith Boys High School and also Asquith Girls High School. With most schools now Co-ed, why not merge the Asquith High Schools, with the current Girls H.S. as the Year 7-9 Co-ed Campus and the current Boys H.S. becoming the Year 10-12 Co-ed Campus. This will allow resources in the Year 10-12 Campus to have a great focus on Vocational Education and hands-on equipment in preparing students for workplace and adult life. This would also eliminate some doubling up between the two schools and ensure equitable access to resources, regardless of gender. What a great idea and simple solution! This is another example of community feedback leading to my platform in ‘What I Stand For’.

This is the article discussing single-sex schools on SMH

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