How to Vote Card

YOU CONTROL YOUR VOTE No one can choose your preferences, except for you! A HTV (How To Vote) card is a recommendation only! To vote for me and gain a true local voice for Berowra, you will need to put a 1 in the box next to my name. Make sure it looks like a 1 and not a 7. (Recommend you use 7 with a stroke in between so vote counters do not get confused between your 1’s and 7’s.) And then you can choose the order of the next boxes, numbering from 2-10. I have my HTV Card below to help 🙂

Key Things to Remember:

Polling officials at the polling place are available to assist voters in completing their ballot papers. If you make a mistake on a ballot paper you may return it to the polling official who issued it and receive a fresh one.

A House of Representatives ballot paper is informal if:

it is blank or unmarked,

ticks or crosses have been used,

it has writing on it which identifies the voter,

a number is repeated,

the voter’s intention is not clear, or

it has not received the official mark of the presiding officer and is not considered authentic.


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