IMPORTANT: Candidates & Volunteers are Human Too

I am shaken, but not stirred, after today’s events. I just want to remind everyone, we are ALL human. While I may disagree with some of the policies of the other candidates, you should remember they’re human too and their volunteers are giving up their time for what they believe in. This is what is important in democracy, allowing everyone a fair say and a chance to vote how they want. I’ve had corflutes stolen (and so have other candidates) which is frustrating. But putting politics aside for the moment, I’ve met 7 of the 9 other candidates, and they are genuinely lovely people. Tonight’s defacing and damage of property was simply unwarranted; I cannot believe that this occurred in our wonderful electorate of Berowra. I know we are passionate about many political issues, but please engage in this discourse in an appropriate manner. Please when voting or when meeting the candidates and volunteers, just remember, they are human too and to treat them with decency.

I must say, however, it was wonderful to see the community help those affected out tonight. Brings me great hope of the good nature in our electorate.

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Well said, Benjamin. Only by engaging in open and courteous debate can all the voices be heard, to ensure true representation.

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