Pre-Poll & Candidates Forum 10th May

It’s been another 14 hour day standing at the Hornsby Pre-poll and then having a Meet the Candidates Event at Asquith. But what a pleasure it has been! I’ve learned so much today from you, fellow residents, about different topics covering the financial system and energy solutions. And this is the type of representative I want to be, one who listens to you, as I don’t have all the answers but want learn while working with you for a better Berowra. There were definitely some familiar faces today at the Pre-Poll and Candidates event, and want to say thank-you to all those well wishes. Living my whole life here, people get to know your family and had a few mentioned they knew my parents. I’m having to keep a list of all the greetings to pass on!

The forum covered questions and topics ranging from governance, health, education, integrity and how to vote. Although the event went well over time, it was a pleasure to turn up in person to answer every question and have the opportunity to hear what matters to you. I also want to thank the other candidates who turned up and were brave to share their views too! I know the even was live-streamed and believe there may be footage of it uploaded. If there is, I’ll attach the link here for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and it isn’t a day without an issue with corflutes. This time I had googly eyes put on a corflute of mine at Berowra; I’m glad people agree that my lovely new eyes are my best feature!

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