Top 3 Things I Get Asked: #1 Why am I running?

This question ties into the similar theme of ‘What I Stand For’ which you can find on my website. This section has been growing as I’ve listened to ideas from many residents. And that brings me to the point of, why am I running?

I’ve been a local in this electorate my whole life, being a 4th generation resident for my family and, without being too biased, I think we genuinely live in the best electorate in the country. There is a real sense of pride about our electorate and there are so many wonderful and unique communities. However, many people have voiced their concerns about not being listened to and are also sick of the state of politics that is occurring today. I’m standing to say, enough is enough! Politicians are supposed to represent you, the people! To me, serving the community in any way is a great honour. Being the representative in parliament for you, is the highest honour. This is the attitude that I would bring to being your representative. I love hearing from all of you, about your concerns, ideas and feedback. I’ve had some wonderful long phone calls and in person chats across the past month, and look forward to having many more after the election.

I’ve been asked why bother standing in a very safe seat; but I want to change that attitude and remind everyone that no seat is won or safe, the votes start from 0 every time. In the South Australian election this year, there was a safe liberal seat that swung 40% and ended up being a safe independent seat after the election. Anything is possible! But I stand as someone needs to stand up for the community and say stop the corruption, no more incompetence and we need leadership and integrity back into politics. So many issues need action that have been sorely lacking, whether environment, education, health & aged care, infrastructure, national security, housing, immigration, financial reform, etc. This list just keeps going on! I encourage you all this election, to think wisely about your vote, because your vote is so precious and can make a huge difference! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I believe that I should be a man of my word, and that my word is my bond. This has gone missing in the lies and spin in our politics, sorely reflected in Australia’s ranking dropping on the corruption index, press freedom index and economic health. I’m a true local independent who is going to stand up for you!

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