TOP 3 Things I Get Asked

TOP 3 Things I get Asked:
3) Are you truly independent?
Yes I am. I’m not part of not associated to any political party in Australia. I’m also not part of any third party organisation such as Climate 200, Get Up, WEF, etc. I am purely self-funded and that means I’m not beholden to doing favours for my benefactors and I’m only beholden to the community.

2) Where are you preferences going?
This one seems to confuse people a lot. YOU decide the preferences of your vote. There is only one place in Australia where candidates and parties can still decide to control your preferences, and that is in Victoria’s Legislative Council. Any “How To Vote” Card is purely a recommendation and you can choose to ignore it.

1) What will you do if you’re not elected?
I’ll continue supporting this community and committing to working in the groups and clubs I’m apart of, and advocating for any issues that need raising on behalf of the people. I thoroughly enjoy having a chat and finding out what matters to you most. That won’t stop on Saturday and hope I can continue to help all those who reach out.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on polling day!

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