What have the Liberals done for us?

In true Monty Python style, I thought I’d ask the question… what have the Liberals ever done for us?

-Built trains too wide for tunnels and unsafe to use

-Built ferries too big to fit under bridges (and then had to be pulled from service because they were unreliable… despite the previous ferries lasting well over 30 years in service!)

-Light Rail/Trams already cracking shortly after opening

-Cutting back on bushfire management controls… only to experience some of the biggest bush fires ever. And… then rorting the money to suit their own political needs and not those who truly needed support.

-Creating jobs for themselves for when they leave parliament. (Hello New York Trade Commission… we don’t even need this $500K paying post!)

-A secret police (fixated persons unit) then being used on journos exposing corruption in the government and trying to silence them.

-Tolled to the max with NCX (North Connex), M8, M7 and dubbed the world’s most expensive road, the Military Road 100m offramp.


Privatised NSW Ports, our poles & wires, Land Titles Office, part of Tafe, Buses….. and yet…

Through all this wonderful management, have tripled the budget deficit for NSW! And this doesn’t even touch the wasteful and drunken (in my opinion) spending coming to light from the recent John Barilaro tapes about the Upper Hunter by-election.

I truly have to ask… is this Government really fit for office? This sounds much like NSW Labor did back at the end of 2011.

It’s time to say enough, the two major parties have failed us and we need a strong community voice to stand up for the people and to help end this madness. I’m standing to give your voice back and to ensure transparency and scrutiny is introduced back into our parliament!

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