What I Stand For

Key policy areas that I’ll be running on:


Establishment of a proper Federal ICAC. This I consider a top priority. 2021 saw the largest annual drop in Australia’s rating on the Corruption Perceptions Index. It’s time to fix this mess! Here is a great explanation on how Australia is going in the wrong direction on International Integrity Ratings.Increased transparency to political donations. This can be achieved through lowering the reporting threshold currently at $14,500 down to $5,000 and to include monthly reporting. You should be able to see who is influencing your local member’s vote.

Health & Aged Care

  • Establishment of staffing ratios for Aged Care. Having worked in the childcare industry, I have seen changes and improvements to care when legislation ratios are brought in. To help support this transition, I would support continued funding for Aged Care and other relevant health qualifications to help ease new entrants to the profession.
  • Continued telehealth funding for Mental Health services which expire in June this year.
  • Include dental services to be covered under Medicare.
  • Ensure all the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission are implemented.


  • Increase funding for research that was cut under this current government in to the CSIRO and other government agencies to enable more efficient technologies and expand the Green economy. This includes investment into Australian start-ups to assist in a better environment, such as dissolvable bags.
  • Invest in Nuclear Power technology to enable a move from Coal to renewable technologies, and include support for other diversified renewables such as Wave/Tidal energy and Solar farms.
  • Creation of a community battery in possibly Berowra or Glenorie to secure power supply, in case the grid gets interrupted from Natural Disasters (Such as Bushfires or Floods). This would link into a community Virtual Power Plant and allow residents to share their power more locally too. This would also be a cheaper option to those who cannot afford the cost of a battery for their household.


Local projects include:

  • Upgrade and widening of New Line Road and Old Northern Road up to the Galston Rd intersection. After 9 years of Liberal governments at all levels in this area (that being Local (Council), State and Federal level) I’m surprised this key piece of infrastructure upgrade has not occurred. With Galston Gorge shut for months, this has caused significant delays and peak hour snarls in the area. I consider this project the No.1 priority for the electorate.
  • Commencement of the next stage of the Northern Sydney Freight Line. This would allow for more frequent and reliable trains. It would also aid in helping the environment as trains are more efficient and reduce less emissions than trucks over medium to long distance journeys.

Projects to completed as part of this upgrade include:

  • Third track for Cowan bank between Brooklyn and Cowan.
  • New commuter carpark for Hawkesbury River (Brooklyn) Station to include spots for Electric Vehicle Charing points.
  • Upgrade Mt Colah station to include ramps and a lift as the only last station in the electorate not to be Disability Discrimination Act compliant.
  • Widening of road bridges at Normanhurst Rd and Dartford Rd to allow an extra lane. Currently cars turning right heading west at both locations can cause significant backlog and delays.

National Projects:

  • Support the completion of the Inland Rail and feasibility to extend to Gladstone.
  • Construction of the Iron Boomerang to ensure supply chains are maintained across Australia.
  • Completion of NBN to be Fibre-to-the-premises. With many people working from home, this would assist in greater speeds and bandwidth, allowing Australia to compete with international digital markets.


  • Moving away from ‘Just in time’ supplies and into ensuring there are at least back up items stored for a month’s worth for our military equipment. I’ve spoken to people in the defence force and it shocks me that we still have to order in parts from overseas, and wait for them to arrive when something breaks down. Recent vulnerability in supply chains show that this is a weakness that needs to be resolved, especially in this ever changing unstable global community.
  • Ensure the nuclear subs are built in Australia to support local jobs (having nuclear energy also builds an industry of professionals who understand nuclear and to support the maintenance of our subs).

Emergency/Disaster Management

  • Establishment of a federal body to oversee co-ordination of emergency events. The recent floods showed that the SES and RFS don’t know who’s doing what and always calling in the defence force is not a longer-term solution.
  • Upgrade of emergency facilities in this electorate (such as basic amenities for Cowan RFS).

Electoral Reform

  • Introduce Robson Rotation for the lower house ballots. This would ensure no candidate gets an advantage from being drawn at the top of the ballot and getting extra % from donkey votes.
  • Introduce voluntary voting age from 16 years old and onwards. If someone turns 18 just after an election, it’s possible they can’t vote until almost 21 in their first election, which according to currently life expectancy, could be ¼ of their life without having a say! This would also assist in the registration process to ensure no one misses out enrolling in time to vote in a Federal Election.

Financial Reform

  • Index the income tax brackets to the CPI rate to minimise bracket creep and ensure a fairer tax system for individuals and families.
  • To close loop holes of big business so they pay their fair share of tax in Australia.
  • Ensure any companies that made exuberant profits from Job Keeper pay this money back to the government.

Other Issues

    • Raise the Aged Pension $100/week to above the poverty line.
    • Close the $6.5billion annual funding gap in public education.

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